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Pride of Heritage

The legendary Land Cruiser has been a leader in 4WD performance and reliability for over 60 years. It all started in 1955 with the Toyota BJ. A truck- derived model that paved the way for the introduction of the Land Cruiser, which to this day is synonymous with toughness and reliability.


1957 FJ25

Doors, roll-down windows and air conditioning, the 20- Series brought the BJ-era Land Cruiser into civilian life. At this time, foreign markets were the new targets for Toyota. So they established what they called the' Land Cruiser Strategy'. Build a bridgehead in a new country with the Land Cruiser and then follow it with passenger cars. One of the main reason why Toyota could do that was because of a subtle design trait on the dashboard of the Land Cruiser: The glove box and instrument panel were identically shaped and interchangeable, making manufacturing a left-hand or right-hand drive version equally easy.

1970 FJ40

The FJ40 is the most iconic Land Cruiser. It is instantly recognizable: a simple, two-box hardtop with wraparound rear windows and dual swing-out doors. But durability made the design a legend. According to one expert, it is still "the standard of the industry," with more 40-series still running than any other off-road vehicle. The 40-series gave the marque low-range gearing, a jump in horsepower and payload [payload], and a greater variety of body styles and engines than ever before. And in the 40-series, Toyota's "Land Cruiser strategy" truly began to cover the earth, with over a million made in 24 years on the market.


1977 FJ45

Based on the FJ40, the FJ45 is a pickup version of that model. The FJ45 was only available in the United States from 1963-1967. The FJ45 featured either a fixed hardtop or a removable hardtop. The FJ45 Land Cruiser was available as a 4-Door Wagon, a Short Bed Pickup or a Long Bed Pickup. While the Long Bed and Wagon models are rare, the Short Bed version is extremely rare.
Both of the original pickup lengths were available with a fixed or removable top and doors and as a 4-Door Wagon. All of which are extremely rare.

1986 FJ60

When asked about the 60-series, one Land Cruiser mechanic smiles and talks about the mileage on one he'd just seen: 450,000.* The all-new 60-series got its start in 1980 with new gasoline and diesel engines, new transmissions and new luxuries, like a moonroof, sport buckets and a third-row seat. Toyota was aiming for on-road comfort, but off-road standbys were retained: front and rear solid axles and two locking differentials. The result was a blended vehicle like no other. Eventually, some 2500 variations would be made throughout the world.


1988 FJ62

The FJ62 shares the 60-series category with the FJ60. The notable upgrades from the FJ60 to the FJ62 were the fuel-injected 4.0-liter 6-cylinder 3F-EFI engine, an automatic transmission, rectangular headlights, larger sideview mirrors and power options. Like the FJ60, the FJ62 owners enjoyed plenty of interior space compared to previous Land Cruisers.

1991 HDJ80 JP

The Japanese HDJ80 is a very different animal from its U.S. counterpart. Equipped with the 1HD-T turbo-diesel powerplant and (in most cases) a 5-speed manual transmission, the Japanese FJ80 delivers loads of torque. A broad gear spread complements the 80-series' inherent capability, producing a competent off-road vehicle.

The FZJ80 OZ

1992 The FZJ80 OZ

The worldwide response to the new 80-series was overwhelming: the main plant had to stay open around the clock for six months straight. That was unprecedented – much like the 80-series itself. Luxury and capability were integrated like never before. The long-standing solid axles were replaced with a coil spring suspension – but with greater suspension travel. And off-road competence just increased. Full-time 4WD replaced the part-time system, and a center locking differential was added to the drivetrain.

2007 VDJ79

The VDJ79 is an evolution of the 70-series Land Cruiser that was first introduced in late 1984. Though never offered in the United States, the 70-series is the true inheritor of the FJ40's no-nonsense spirit. Light and compact as compared with its 60- and 80-series contemporaries, the 70 has always maintained a strong emphasis on capability over creature comfort. Its rugged, simple sensibilities have helped keep it in production for over 20 years. For 2007, the FJ79 was fitted with the brand-new 1VD-FTV engine, Toyota's first intercooled turbo-diesel V8.

Land Cruiser

2014 Land Cruiser

The 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser has a loyalty unmatched by any other SUV. The product of 60 years of global adventure, it's a sophisticated blend of off-road prowess, on-road comfort and unparalleled refinement. It also offers seating for up to eight passengers. After all, adventures are best shared.

2015 Land Cruiser

As the self-proclaimed ‘Pride of the Road’, the Toyota Land Cruiser is everything you would expect from an all-terrain vehicle. Big and bold in design but with subtle features that provide comfort and elegance, the Land Cruiser is equipped to cope with everything that is thrown at it.

Land Cruiser

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